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Electro Magnetic Circular Lifter

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Electro Magnetic Circular Lifters and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our Products are widely used for Lifting, Handling, Picking, Pick And Placing, Heavy Job Lifting, Easy Handling, Friendly Lifting, Plate Lifting, Plate Handling, Billet Lifting, Shaft Lifting, Scrap Lifting etc.
Circular Electro Magnet Lifter or Circular Lifting Magnet offered find wide application in diverse industrial applications and are made available in precision designed finish so as to allow deep penetrating electromagnetic field to easily lift scrap as well as other diversified ferrous metal forms. With our expertise in offering these magnets in different models as well as functional capacities, these generally find usage in meeting the transportation demands of pig iron, scrap in scrap yards, steel blocks, as well as in foundry based applications. Further, with cast housing of the circular electro magnet fabricated using quality cast steel, these are able to provide for excellent conductivity. The presence of superior quality cover plate also helps in protecting coil as well as in preventing interference with magnetic properties of product.

Features :
Precision designed range of Circular Electro Magnet Lifters, Applicability in different industrial fields, Designed to develop deep penetrating electromagnetic field for meeting the lifting demands of scrap as well as other ferrous materials, Can offer these magnets in different capacities, Finding suitability in transporting pig iron, scrap in scrap yards & foundries and steel blocks

Applications : For handling of rounds, press moulds, steel plates, blocks, Usefull for loading/unloading on machines, suitable for near flame cutting apparatus, Can easily handle finished components without any scratch, Suitable for use with spreader beam that use hanging multiple magnets for long plates and pipes, Usage possibility with mobile cranes
Electro Magnetic Circular Lifter



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