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Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifter

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifters and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our Products are widely used for Lifting, Handling, Picking, Pick And Placing, Heavy Job Lifting, Easy Handling, Friendly Lifting, Plate Lifting, Plate Handling, Billet Lifting, Shaft Lifting, Scrap Lifting etc.
We have been able to come up with an exclusive range of Electro Permanent Magnet Lifters. This is a combination of electromagnet and permanent magnet and is a fail-safe type of magnet as it is magnetized for holding & lifting. These are developed by our expert team of professionals using high grade raw material, in compliance with the industry set parameters. We offer this range with a operating push buttons for hold and release on the panel board as well as on pendant.

‘MagTech Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifter’ is a device used for material handling. A special feature of such kind of lifter is that it requires External Power supply, only for Energized and De-energized(ON -OFF) purpose. Hence, continues power supply is not required during the operation, that surely helps to saves your expenditure on electricity. The following photograph can explain the product and its utilization briefly.

MagTech provides three times factor of safety in it, which means, if lifter is recommended for 100 Kgs. lifting capacity it has been tested for 300 Kgs lifting capacity. Also note, that for the round / curve type of job (exa. Ring), lifting force would be considered 40% of the lifting capacity, that means if the product is recommended for 100 Kgs. then for the ‘Ring’ type of job, the lifting capacity is 40 Kgs., this is mainly because of the thin line contact between the magnet and the ‘Ring’.

Features: Electro permanent Magnetic Lifter is Designed to lift single bars or pipe, EPM Lifter is having special provision to adjust the angle according to diameter of bars or pipe, EPM do not required continues electricity, EPM can be used in a multiple set if the length of job is more.

Application: This type of lifter widely used for lifting round bar or pipe.



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